Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Press Release for the Post of Member Secretary (SET) with Application Form
Press Release Regarding Extension of Last date of Online Application for College Lecturer (College Education Dept.) Exam-2014
Press Note for RAS Interview Scheduled from 17.03.2015
Corrigendum 14/14-15 for Advt.1/2014-15 of Various Posts of Medical Deptt.
Press Note for PTI GR II & GR III Exam 2013 attendance
Press Note for Veterinary Officer (Animal Husbandry Dept.) 2013
Interview Letter for RAS / RTS (MAIN) EXAM-2012
Press note for RAS 2012 Interview scheduled from 09.03.2015
Press Note for Veterinary Officer (Animal Husbandry Dept.) 2013
Status for Candidates Certificate of SET Exam 2012 as on 09.02.2015
PTI EXam 2013 admit card available on rpsconline portal
Result of State Eligibility Test 2013
Press Note for Result of State Eligibility Test 2013
Press Release for RAS Interview Scheduled from 09.02.2015
Category wise Applied candidates count details available on rpsconline.rajasthan.gov.in
Swachh Bharat on MyGov Platform
RPSC Initiatives & Challenges
RPSC awarded CloudGov 2014 award for Exam Centre Reporting App for Best In-house Innovation on 10.6.2014 at New Delhi
RPSC awarded SecureIT 2014 award for RPSC Online Secure Payment System for Candidates on RPSC Online on 14.3.2014 at New Delhi
RPSC awarded Financial Inclusion & Payment System award for Alternative Payment Project for Candidates on RPSC Online on 25.10.2013 at New Delhi
RPSC awarded National e-Governance Award 2012-13 for Best Government Portal
ICT Innovations in Governance - eGov January 2013
Single Window Online Application System of RPSC - eGov December 2012
RPSC awarded e-India 2012 award for best Government to Citizen Initiative on 15.11.2012 at Hyderabad
Important Instructions for Candidates for Exams are available under download option (Material for Candidates)
Recruitment Advertisement
Date Recruitment Advertisement
24-02-2015 Corrigendum 14/14-15 for Advt.1/2014-15 of Various Posts of Medical Deptt.
12-01-2015 Advt.7/2014-15 for the Post of College Lecturer (College Education Dept.)
22-12-2014 Post wise Detail of vacancies of RAS Exam 2012 
16-12-2014 Corrigendum No.13/2014-15 for JLO and Lecturer (Tech. Edu. Dept.)
02-12-2014 Corrigendum 12/14-15 Regarding Advt.1/2014-15 for Various posts of Medical Deptt.
01-12-2014 Advertisement No 6/Exam/14-15 for the Posts of ACP (Dy.Director) and Vidhi Rachnakar Exam-2014
01-12-2014 Corrigendum No.11/14-15 Posts Bifurcation Details for LDC Exam-2013
27-11-2014 Advertisement No. 05/R/14-15 for the Posts of Ground Water Department and Ayurved Department
31-10-2014 Corrigendum. for Jr.Acctt/ T.R.A. Exam 2013
15-09-2014 Application Form for the Post of OSD ( Academic) Last Date:-15-10-2014
03-09-2014 Corrigendum no. 9/2014-15 Regarding Advt no. 9/Rec/2013-14 Dated 26.02.2014
02-09-2014 Corrigendum8/2014-15 Regarding PTI Grade II & III Comp. Exam 2013
31-07-2014 Advt.4(R)14-15 for Dy.Commandent, Astt.Drilling Engineer, Junior Geophysicist, Fisheries Development Officer
31-07-2014 Corri.7 for (Advt.1_2014-15) Sr.Demonstrator-BioChemistry and (Advt.1_2013-14) for Veterinary Officer
22-07-2014 Advt.2 for Agri. Research Off. and Asst.Agri.Research Off.
22-07-2014 Advt.3 for Lecturer Technical Education (Tech.Edu.Deptt.)
14-07-2014 Advt.1_14-15 for Post Asst.Prof., Sr.Demonstrator & Biochemist (Medical Deptt.)
08-07-2014 Corrigendum for Advt.No.1_13-14 Asstt.Jailor Exam
12-06-2014 Corrigendum for Advertisement 4-11-1 _Agriculture Res. Officer and Assistant Agriculture Res. Officer
03-06-2014 Corrigendem Regarding RAS/RTS Posts Bifurcation
26-02-2014 Advertisement for Professor and Associate Professor Post
26-02-2014 Corrigendum for Advt.E1_13-14  for  the post of Programmer
11-02-2014 Corrigendum regarding to change in qualification for post of vice principal/superintendent I.T.I
03-02-2014 Post wise Detail of vacancies of RAS Exam 2012  
31-01-2014 Corrigendum Regarding to AEn 2012-13  
23-10-2013 Advertisement for SET Exam-2013  
08-10-2013 Corrigendum for School Lecturer (School Edu. Dept.)-2013  
01-10-2013 Detailed Corrigendum for LDC Exam-2013  
30-09-2013 Corrigendum for LDC Exam-2013  
24-09-2013 Corrigendum for I Grade School Lecturer & II Grade Teacher Combined Exam-2013 
20-09-2013 Advertisement for JLO - Jr.Accountant – TRA - PTI Grade II & III Exam-2013
19-09-2013 Short Advertisement For JLO, PTI Grade II & III and Jr. Acctt  
30-08-2013 Corrigendum for R.A.S./A.C.F./Clerk Gr.II Exam-2013 and AEn.Exam 2012 
07-08-2013 Corrigendum for Sr.Teacher exam 2013, Teacher Grade II exam 2013 and
Postponment of Advt. for A.P.P. Exam. 2013
06-08-2013 Advertisement of E7 for Motor Vehicle Sub Inspector Exam 2013
05-08-2013 Advertisement of Assistant Public Prosecutor Gr.-II
05-08-2013 Detailed Advertisement of II Grade Teacher (Secondary School)
05-08-2013 Detailed Advertisement of I Grade Teacher
02-08-2013 I & II Grade Teacher Combined Advertisement 
30-07-2013 Corrigendum 4/13-14 for Agri. Research off. /Asstt. Agri. Reseach Off. / Asst. Fisheries Dev.Off. / Divi.Suptdt. & Statistical Officer
26-07-2013 Advertisement for the LDC Grade-II Comb.Comp. Exam 2013
24-06-2013 Corrigendum Regarding to Recruitment Advertisement for RAS -2013
21-06-2013 Corrigendum for PTI Grade II Exam-2011
18-06-2013 Advt. for the RAS Exam 2013
03-05-2013 Advt. for the Post of Vetenary Officer & Geologist 2013 
02-05-2013 Advt. for the Post of Programmer and Assistant Jailer-2013 
26-04-2013 Corrigendum for the Post of Statistical Officer 
12-04-2013 Corrigendum for A.En. Exam 2011 
25-03-2013 Corrigendum for the Post of Junior Chemist (PHED Deptt.) 
07-03-2013 Advertisement for Assistant Engineer (Civil//Electrical/Mechanical) Exam, 2013 
22-01-2013 Corrigendum for Various posts of Advt 2 12-13 and 3 12-13 for Medical Education Department 
09-01-2013 Corrigendum for Assistant Director Sanskrit Education Department 
06-12-2012 Corrigendum for Assistant Town Planner 
29-10-2012 Advt.R3 for Asst.Professors & Corrigendum for A.P.(Tuberculosis) & College Lecturer (ABST)
26-10-2012 Corrigendum for PTI Grade II & III 
08-10-2012 Corrigendum for PTI gd II & III 
05-09-2012 Corrigendum for Analyst-Cum-Programmer exam 2011 
09-08-2012 Advt. for Asst. Prof. (Tuerculosis & Psychetary) Med. Deptt. 
08-08-2012 Corrigendum for Assistant Director (Sanskrit Edu. Dept) 
12-07-2012 Corrigendum for Various posts of Advt 2 11-12 for Medical Department 
12-07-2012 Suddhi Patra - APRO & PRO post  
04-07-2012 Corrigendum for R.12 11-12 for Statistical Officer 
19-06-2012 Corrigendum for Evaluation Officer Advt.R1/12_13
08-06-2012 Corrigendum for 2/12 13 for S.D. (Dentist) , Microbiology , A.P. (Ortho.)
05-06-2012 Corrigendum for Astt. Professor (Radio Therapy)
05-06-2012 Advt. R1 for Astt. Director, Group Instructor, Suprintendent ITI, Evaluation Officer Exam - 2012
01-06-2012 Advt.S1 for Raj.State Eligibility Test exam 2012
27-04-2012 Corrigendum-2 for MVSI Exam 2011
11-04-2012 Corrigendum of Advt. 8-11-12 of Motor Vehicle Sub. Inspector
03-04-2012 Corrigendum for Asstt. Prof. (Psychetry)
27-03-2012 Corrigendum for Assist. Prof. Microbiology and Assist. Prof. Urology of Changing of Interview Date
19-03-2012 Corrigendum for Probation & Prison Welfare Officer and District Probation Cum Social Welfare Officer
19-03-2012 Corrigendum for the post of Agriculture Officer, Agriculture Department
09-03-2012 Corrigendum for RAS Exam - 2012
28-02-2012 Corrigendum for R.A.S. Exam 2011
27-02-2012 Corrigendum of Statical Officer
24-02-2012 Corrigendum for Sr.Teacher II Grade Exam
17-02-2012 Advt. E12 Headmaster (Sec.Edu.) Comp.Exam-2012
07-02-2012 Adv. for RAS & RTS Comb.Comp.Exam 2012
25-01-2012 Corrigendum of SI And SI-Exserviceman Revised Post
23-01-2012 Advt. R12 for PRO , APRO , ARCHIVIST , RO , Div.Supdt. & Stat.Officer
15-12-2011 Advt. E9 for P.T.I. FOR II & III GRADE EXAM-2011
21-12-2011 ADVT. E10 FOR Analyst Cum Programmer & Programmer exam 2011
19-12-2011 Corrigendum for ACP & Programmer
19-12-2011 Corrigendum for Zila Pariviksha Co-samaj Kalyan Adhikari


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