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Rajasthan Public Service Commission
ISO(2001:2008) Govt. of Rajasthan
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Hon'ble Members (Past)

Sr. No.Dignitary NameDignitary PhotoFromTo
1SHRI D. S. TIWARI Photo Not Available26-01-1950 07-08-1951
2SHRI N. R. CHANDRAKAR Photo Not Available26-01-1950 31-12-1950
3SHRI V. R. ADIGE Photo Not Available17-02-1951 16-02-1957
4SHRI M. M. VARMA Photo Not Available28-06-1952 20-01-1958
5SHRI L. L. JOSHI, IAS Photo Not Available01-03-1957 & 01-08-1960 03-12-1958 & 20-11-1961
6SHRI RAGHUKUL TILAK, VICE CHANCELLOR Photo Not Available04-02-1958 07-01-1960
7SHRI S. L. AHUJA, IAS Photo Not Available01-12-1959 17-11-1964
8SHRI SHYAM LAL, IAS Photo Not Available17-04-1961 15-04-1966
9DR B. L. RAWAT, IAS Photo Not Available04-09-1961 04-09-1966
10SHRI R. C. CHOUDHARY, RHJS Photo Not Available20-03-1965 07-02-1967
11SHRI R. N. HAWA, IAS Photo Not Available27-07-1966 19-07-1970
12SHRI S. D. UJWAL, IAS Photo Not Available31-05-1967 05-01-1970
13SHRI SHIV SHANKAR, IAS Photo Not Available29-07-1967 10-09-1970
14SHRI B. D. MATHUR (RETD. CHIEF ENGG.) Photo Not Available11-11-1968 08-10-1971
15SHRI V. D. SHARMA, IAS Photo Not Available11-06-1970 06-03-1973
16SHRI R. S. KAPUR Photo Not Available11-06-1970 23-06-1973
17SHRI DHULESHWAR MEENA, EX. M.P. Photo Not Available01-01-1972 02-01-1978
18SHRI MOHAMMED YAQUB, RHJS Photo Not Available07-08-1972 27-06-1975
19SHRI D. N. HANDA, IAS Photo Not Available05-04-1973 10-12-1974
20SHRI N. L. JAIN, EX. SPEAKER, R.L.A. Photo Not Available27-07-1974 03-10-1979
21SHRI HARI DUTT GUPTA Photo Not Available26-04-1975 10-09-1980
22SHRI RAM SINGH CHOUHAN, IAS Photo Not Available30-07-1977 30-06-1979
23SHRI S. ADVIYAPPA Photo Not Available12-09-1979 09-06-1983
24DR. DEEN DAYAL CHAWAN (PROF.) Photo Not Available08-11-1979 26-03-1985
25SHRI J. M. KHAN, IAS Photo Not Available06-11-1982 07-11-1985
26SHRI BHAWANI MAL, IPS Photo Not Available04-07-1984 27-06-1988
27PROF. DOOL SINGH Photo Not Available06-07-1984 22-09-1986
28DR. DEVI SINGH SARASWAT Photo Not Available16-12-1985 22-01-1988
29SHRI S. C. SINGARIA Photo Not Available28-05-1986 & 05-09-1990 26-11-1989 & 27-05-1992
30SHRI SUBHASH CHANDRA TANDAN, IPS Photo Not Available01-12-1987 06-11-1991
31PROF. K. L. KAMAL Photo Not Available16-09-1988 11-09-1992
32DR. G. P. PILANIA, IPS Photo Not Available22-12-1989 17-02-1994
33SMT. KANTA KATHURIA, EX-MLA Photo Not Available22-12-1989 23-04-1995(RESIGNED)
34SHRI HANUMAN PRASAD, IAS Photo Not Available31-10-1992 06-10-1995
35SHRI P. S. YADAV, IPS Photo Not Available28-07-1993 30-09-1997
36SMT. KAMLA BHEEL, EX-STATE MINISTER, R.L.A. Photo Not Available28-07-1993 27-07-1999
37SHRI SHANKER SINGH SOLANKI Photo Not Available03-04-1995 05-08-2000
38DR.(SMT.) PRAKASHWATI SHARMA Photo Not Available18-01-1996 18-01-2002
39SHRI O. P. GUPTA, EX-CHIEF WHIP R.L.A Photo Not Available26-12-1997 04-06-2003
40SHRI DALIP SINGH Photo Not Available27-12-1997 30-06-1999
41DR. S. S. TAK (OFFICIATING) (PROF.) Photo Not Available10-11-1999 09-11-2005
42SHRI M. L. PARIHAR Photo Not Available14-12-1999 14-03-2001
43PROF. (DR.) H. A. S. JAFRI Photo Not Available01-02-2001 18-06-2006
44SHRI H. N. MEENA, IPS (RETD.) Photo Not Available25-02-2002 19-09-2006
45SHRI C. R. CHOUDHARY Photo Not Available27-02-2002 23-02-2008
46SHRI VINOD BIHARI SHARMA Photo Not Available25-08-2003 06-02-2008
47SHRI H.L. MEENA Photo Not Available18-04-2008 31-01-2012
48SHRI SHIV PAL SINGH NANGAL Photo Not Available18-04-2008 13-11-2013 (RESIGNED)
49SHRI KANAHAIYA LAL BAIRWA, IPS (RETD.) Photo Not Available18-04-2008 17-04-2014
50SHRI P.K. DASHORA Photo Not Available04-07-2008 03-07-2014
51SHRI BRAHM SINGH GURJAR Photo Not Available04-07-2008 03-07-2014
52SHRI H. K. GAURAN, IPS (RETD.) Photo Not Available04-07-2008 03-07-2014
53SMT. DIVYA SINGH Photo Not Available30-11-2011 30-09-2012 (RESIGNED)
54SHRI HARI KISHAN KHICHAR, RHJS Photo Not Available30-01-2016 05-03-2017
55SHRI SHYAM SUNDER SHARMA Photo Not Available30-01-2016 10-07-2017 (RESIGNED)
56DR. R.D. SAINI Photo Not Available18-06-2013 12-04-2019
57SHRI S.L. MEENA Photo Not Available18-06-2013 17-06-2019
58DR. K.R. BAGARIA Photo Not Available18-06-2013 17-06-2019
59Dr. SHIV SINGH RATHORE Photo Not Available30-01-2016 29-01-2022
60SHRI RAMU RAM RAIKA Photo Not Available04/07/2018 (A/N) 03/07/2022
61SMT. RAJKUMARI GURJAR Photo Not Available07/12/2016 06/12/2022
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